Recycling has always been a highlight in the UBV, and has gained strength in recent years with the large investments made by the company to promote and stimulate the return of disposable glass as raw material. With one pound of glass another pound of glass is made, with zero loss and without pollution to the environment. In addition to the advantage of 100% reuse of the cacao, recycling saves natural raw materials, such as sand, bark, limestone, etc.

Production from the glass itself also consumes less energy and emits less particulate residues of CO2, which also contributes to the preservation of the environment. Another aspect is lower waste disposal, reducing urban collection costs, and increasing the life of landfills. The glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled countless times, saving energy, raw materials and reducing CO2 emissions:

10% of chips - 4% energy gain
1 ton of shards - saving 1.2 tonnes of raw materials
10% of chips - reduces CO2 emissions by 5% (kyoto protocol)
UBV: The future as a great mission!

In respect to the nature and quality of life on the planet, the UBV maintains a daily commitment to sustainable growth and environmental protection:

Use of 30 to 50% of broken glass asaraw material

Natural gas (clean energy)

Low emission of pollutants in the atmosphere (electrostatic precipitator)

Returnable packaging and use of reforested wood

Recycling of industrial water throughaclosed circuit
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